A rural cottage that has been renovated into a restaurant and art gallery with the idea of merging two art forms, visual arts and cuisine.

The establishment is located in the village of Sant Mateu. It has a beautiful and quiet terrace for warm summer nights, where Victoria will welcome you with a smile. Can Cires’ menu is based on seasonal produce, highlighting the area’s diverse range of meats, including Iberian pork, venison ragout, suckling rabbit, pigeon, beef tripe, veal, among others. The have an excellent wine cellar with Spanish and French wines, and there is no shortage of Ibizan wines from the vineyards of the area.

Post-it: In the red hills of Sant Mateu, two of the wineries that produce “Vino de la Tierra” (the equivalent of the French vin de pays) are located, Can Maymó and Sa Cova.

Rates: Moderate

+34 971 805 551 – www.cancires.com