Ibiza is a very important wine tradition place, thanks to the strong influence throughout the history of Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. The small farm-fields so characteristic in the island of Ibiza, managed to keep wine production as well as self production for the household. Tradition passed down from father to son until the present day.

And these are important days in all matters related to the production of this gift from the lands of Ibiza. The wonderful process of vintage has just finished and now we’re in the processing of the different wines. Reception, crushing, fermentation, pressing, barrel aging and bottle aging and its market release. This process has small variations depending on if it’s red or white wine.

The autochthonous grape varieties are Monastrell and Garnacha for red wines, and Malvasía (“Grec” in Ibicenco language) for white wines. Recently, new varieties have been introduced, which certainly help improve the quality and range of the wines produced in Ibiza.

Wine cellars start emerging in Ibiza in the year 1990, and will seek quality over quantity, having a limited production. In general, we could say that these wines are deeply aromatic, provocative and balsamic, soft-bodied yet well structured, ideal as an accompaniment for any dish of Ibizan traditional cuisine. Under denomination of origin  “Wines of the Earth” of Ibiza (Vinos de la Tierra).

Let’s see Ibiza’s wineries,

Can Maymó winery, located in San Mateo, in the north of the island of Ibiza. Small winery that maintains its family touch (Costa and Torres). Their old vineyards in San Mateo, of many different autochthonous varieties, have been renewed over time, adding new types (tempranillo, merlot and syrah). In general, are complex, elegant and unique wines. With personality. Typical of Ibiza’s climate and sites.

Can Rich is the major winery of the island, it´s located in Buscatell area. Using their whole-farm crop for vineyards as well as for the production of olive oil. The vineyard is located in Buscastell and covers a total of 20 hectares (of which 17 are dedicated to vine-growing and 3 to olive-growing), the varieties of vines grown are monastrell, tempranillo, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and syrah for red wines and malvasía and chardonnay for white wines.

Sa Cova winery is in San Mateo. It has over nine hectares of vines, in which, tempranillo, monastrell, syrah, malvasía and moscatel varieties are grown. Half of the ageing barrels are made of American oak and the other half are French oak barrels. Red, white and rosé wines are produced.

The winery Totem Wines is committed to producing their wines with the native Ibiza grape type monastrell. They decided to plant vines aged from 40 to 60 years old, ungrafted, with the purpose of the vines to absorb the essence of the Pitiusan soil, which makes a highly flavoured and aromatic wine thanks to the vines high age. Their wines undergo different ageing periods and elaboration methods, yet always following traditional production practises.

Nice and varied wines of Ibiza. Enjoy them!