Sant Joan de Labritja is Ibiza island’s northern most township. It’s the one with the fewest inhabitants, yet the most unspoilt forests and the largest rural landscapes.

You can see typical rural farmhouses scattered throughout the fields, mountains crossed by rain streams and stone terraces. You can enjoy nature at its best as well as its wild seacoast, with incredible cliffs and magnificent beaches. The township consists of four parishes, Sant Joan, Sant Miquel, Sant Vicent and Sant Llorenç. The most traditional and authentic villages on the island, in which Ibicencos coexists with residents that came from other places looking for the authentic rural Ibiza.

In this township you can find part of the Natural Area of Special Interest (ANEI) called Es Amunts, an area of great ecological value, in which flora and fauna live in slightly different ecosystems and of great value for the island of Ibiza.

There are also sites to do really nice excursions, like the Balanzat defense tower or the Portinatx one (towers built to control any kind of pirate invasion in the north of the island), or d’En Marça caves, natural sea erosion caves, or the site of Es Culleram cave, natural cave surrounded by a pine forest and in which the most important oblect of Ibiza’s history was found, the statue of Goddess Tanit (Goddess of love and fertility), along with hundreds of other ancient objects and statuettes.

As we were saying, Sant Joan is the perfect place for those who like tranquil versus crowded areas, yet Ibiza is a touristic place and if you wish you can also find tourist spots, like Port de Sant Miquel, Portinatx or Cala Sant Vicent.

Its seacoast is full of cliffs but where you will also find marvelous beaches and coves. From the most hidden and quiet beaches to the ones with more atmosphere. Es Portitxol, Es Pas de s’Illa, Caló d’es Multons, Cala Benirrás, the Portinatx beaches and over thirteen different suggestions.

The best area for those who want to discover the most traditional and authentic Ibiza.