Once again from our blog we’d like to bring you a few of our best gastronomical recommendations. So far, most of the restaurants we have profiled have been located on the island’s beaches, where the featured cuisine is traditional and sea-based. They have  also been places which tend to fit into a daytime agenda of beachgoing and sightseeing.

Today we thought we’d focus on restaurants with more of a night feel, ideal nights out in Ibiza. More concretely, we are going to recommend three restaurants which offer classic indoor elegance and are unsurpassed for fine dining.

We’ll start with a venue which brings together signature dishes and high grade gastronomy. The underlying inspiration for the cuisine is Basque with a clear Mediterranean admixture.  We are speaking, of course, about Amalur Restaurant, just outside the village of Santa Gertrudis, and undoubtedly one of the most celebrated restaurants in Ibiza. Its distinguishing virtue is the combination of modern techniques with traditional tastes.

A few of our favourites are: the tuna tartar with pureed onions and soya ice-cream; the courgette blossoms stuffed with tempura of crab; the baked turbot with sauteed garlic; and the roast suckling pig glazed with baked pineapple.

In the summer months, open every day from 8pm to midnight. Telephone + 34 971 314 554.

Our second suggestion is an authentic establishment from Ibiza’s heartland, also very close to Santa Gertrudis, Can Pau Restaurant. Beautifully set in a rustic country home, they specialize in Catalan cuisine, a style of cooking the owners brought with them from Bunyoles in Catalonia. Some of their outstanding dishes are: anchovies a la Escala with “crostes” bread; snails Lolita style; foie gras in salt; “esqueixada” (a.k.a. Catalan ceviche); “escalivada” (like a cold ratatouille), cod a la llauna, duck magret with fine herbs, quail with cabbage, pig’s trotters…

In the summer months, open every day from 8pm to midnight. Telephone + 34 971 107 007.

Last but not least, we are going to let you in on a well-kept secret, a place where they serve up the most incredible grilled meat, Balàfia Restaurant,  on the road to Sant Joan. Also wonderful is the fabulous terrace, the peace and quiet and the good prices. But, without a doubt, their crowning glory is that old  charcoal grill where they masterfully prepare all types of meat: lamb chops; leg or shoulder of lamb; pork chops; rabbit; local free-range chicken; T-bone steak; rib-eye steak…

In the summer months, open every day from 8pm to midnight. Telephone + 34 971 325 023