Siente Ibiza, the new website of Sant Joan Rural Hotel Association


In view of the fact that our Agrotourism Can Planells forms part of the Association for Sant Joan Rural Hotel Association, we felt it would be of interest to tell you a bit about our organization so that you better understand who we are, what we stand for and the presentation of its new website

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Ball Pagès, love stories through the dance


One of Ibiza’s most authentic and typical traditions that has survived until nowadays, are the traditional dances (“ball pagès”, peasant dance in Ibicenco), a clear sign of Ibicenco popular culture and folklore and everything around it, not only the dance itself, but the musical instruments, the songs and the traditional costumes and dresses. During the celebrations of the different villages of the island is common to see demonstrations of this traditional dance in the front porch of the churches and around old water wells.

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Ibizan fashion and accessories Adlib


As you know, every week for our  blog, we tour  Ibiza, visiting special places, the best  beaches, gastronomy, traditions, shopping, activities, events, etc. Today we have prepared an interesting post about  Ibizan fashion and trends.

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A nice route through Ibiza’s beautiful southern beaches


We’ve got a great idea for our blog today. Why don’t we map out a route of the beautiful coves and beaches lining the southern coast of Ibiza?  Along the way, not only will we tempt you with stunning places to swim and sunbathe, we’ll also clue you in on fantastic restaurants where you can savor the best in island cuisine, fish and seafood. Who’s up for it?

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A nice route in the northwest of Ibiza


Almost without realizing it, we’re in July and summer on the island is in full swing. Here on our blog , we propose a sightseeing route in the northwest of Ibiza, through interesting and varied territory with a bit of everything: local color and tradition, beaches and out-of-the-way corners. Who’s up for it?

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Fishermen’s huts, charming seaside spots


Who of those lucky enough to tour the beaches of Ibiza have not stopped to admire those authentic and traditional fishermen’s huts  that can be observed in most of Ibiza’s coves and beaches? They are beautiful, aren’t they? Find out a little bit more about them…

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Night of Fire “Nit de Sant Joan”


The month of June ushers in the summer solstice and with it one of Ibiza’s most traditional fiestas. We are referring, of course, to the celebrations at Sant Joan de Labritja, in particular to its magical “Nit de Sant Joan” (Night of St John).

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More than just a Restaurant, the best atmosphere in Ibiza


Today’s post is related with gastronomy, we will recommend you some restaurants which apart from having really attractive menus and dishes, they have much more to offer… Would you like to know more? If so, just keep reading!

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Tempting Evening Terraces in Ibiza


As you can already guess from the title of this new post, today we are going to suggest some of the best places for a late afternoon summer walk and where you can sit in any terrace Café and enjoy so many nice and different atmospheres that the island of Ibiza has to offer. We are going to show you three perfect places for after a nice beach day.

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Enjoy a full day in Formentera!


For those who come and visit us in Ibiza, from these posts of our rural hotel Can Planells we bring to you weekly the most interesting activities in the island of Ibiza. Today we are going to show you a very tempting plan: a day in our neighbor island Formentera. So, what do you think?… Crystal clear water, long thin sand beaches and incredible sunsets. Enjoy a full day in Formentera, sail its coasts, swim in its blue turquoise sea, take a walk along the white sand seashore or simply rent a bicycle and discover its secrets.

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Adlib Fashion Show Ibiza 2013


This 2013 San Antonio will be hosting the famous Adlib Fashion Show on the June 6th at 20.30. It will take place at the renewed “Club Nautico de San Antonio” (San Antonio Yacht Club). Of course, the backdrop will be the sea, and this is because the promoters want this edition to have a strong sailor essence. This year the fashion show will have the slogan: “Aires de Gregal”.

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A nice route through the pretty coves of Portinatx


Today in our blog we suggest you a really nice route through the pretty coves in the north part of the island nearby Sant Joan de Labritja and very close one to each other. Perfect to visit and enjoy them in the same day.

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Sant Joan de Labritja, the most authentic Ibiza


Sant Joan de Labritja is Ibiza island’s northern most township. It’s the one with the fewest inhabitants, yet the most unspoilt forests and the largest rural landscapes.

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Two restaurants with authentic Ibiza cuisine

Apr03 photo

Traditional Ibiza gastronomy, in the past years is positioning where it should be, every day a little bit closer to the top. It is simply magnificent and with a very wide range of suggestions and varied dishes. Always using great quality and local products appreciated more and more by island residents and visitors. From the sea and land.

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Wines and wineries of Ibiza


Ibiza is a very important wine tradition place, thanks to the strong influence throughout the history of Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. Read more

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