Tours And Activities In The North Of Ibiza


There are parts of Ibiza that deserve to be discovered in a different way. It’s not enough to simply visit them, you actually have to live them.

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Moments To Remember The North Of Ibiza


The summer season has already come to an end. We have made new friends, visited charming places, swam in crystal clear water beaches, enjoyed the cuisine of Ibiza and contemplated the best land and seascapes of the island.

A Walk Through The North Of Ibiza


The north of the island is known for being one of the quietest areas in Ibiza, the place where you can still find the ‘real Ibiza’, the one that still maintains its customs, offers pine green landscapes dotted with traditional white houses and with the less crowded beach coves of the coast. Knowing that there are still places like this, it is well worth visiting and enjoying a different experience to what one would expected from Ibiza. A day to take life easy, sip by sip.

Four Gourmet Dishes to Enjoy in Ibiza


As soon as you set foot on Ibiza you see that the island’s delights are myriad, ranging from its beautiful coastline to its charming country villages and extending into its dynamic nightlife. Just one glance tells you that Ibiza holds everything you need to have a magnificent holiday experience. And, yet, there are certain things, such as its gastronomy, which are not so easy to detect. Ibiza’s traditional cuisine is based on seafood dishes and are a definite must-try, but there are also restaurants with their own style and personality which offer an honest cuisine that sets them apart.

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Portinatx And Its Surroundings


When looking for an ideal beach you’ll see that the island has so many options that you could practically visit a different one every time. Every corner of the coast has its charm that makes it special: rocky beaches, fisherman huts, fine sand, calm waters, interesting seabeds… Do you also want to find that special place that will make you feel like in paradise? Well, here is one of the most impressive beaches of the island, a paradise in the north where you will have all the necessary services to enjoy your beach day to the max in a comfortable way.

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A Day at Ses Salines Beach – Ibiza


Going around the island it is easy to see fascinating landscapes, such as almond grove fields, hidden coves, lookout spots… but if there is place that stands out above others that one is Ses Salines.

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4 Curious things you need to know about Ibiza


What most people know about Ibiza is that it’s a beautiful Mediterranean island ideal for enjoying the seaside, good food and fun any time of the day. But, did you know that Ibiza has many more surprises?

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Ibiza restaurants with history. Part II


As we already know, the dishes prepared with care and with a reminiscence of the essence of Ibiza are always liked by everyone, today we want to continue showing you the most traditional and iconic restaurants of Ibiza.

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Sant Joan de Labritja, a Must See Place in Ibiza


We will explore the northern part of the island through the main towns and villages of the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja, the least populated area of the island with barely 5,600 inhabitants. Peace and tranquility are more than guaranteed here, with tiny villages hidden between the countryside and the forest away from the bustle of mainstream tourism. For those seeking a peaceful atmosphere will definitely adore this municipality. A great place to discover the tradition of the island, which is still promoted in municipalities like this one.

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5 dishes to savour northern Ibiza


It would be a sin to come to Ibiza and not try any of its local dishes which you can find in most of the iconic restaurants on the island. That’s why today we want to show you 5 places in the north of the island where you can enjoy 5 unique recipes prepared in the authentic Ibiza style. Not to mention that one of the best ways to explore the island is by trying its cuisine, one of the cultural values most appreciated by islanders and visitors alike. Bon apetit!

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12 best moments of Ibiza on Instagram


Your smartphone has become the best travel friend to immortalize the incredible places of Ibiza. We show you ten of our best moments on Instagram.

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Ibiza restaurants with history. Part I


When dinnertime arrives in Ibiza you will find hundreds of restaurants of very different styles so you never get tired of going out to enjoy the cuisine of the island. But it can happen that if you don’t know the island very well, you might not be sure which restaurant to choose for trying the authentic Ibizan cuisine.

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A small cultural guide of Ibiza


If you ask anyone who visits the island what brings them to Ibiza, they will probably highlight the good weather and the fun atmosphere. But there is also another side of Ibiza awaiting to be discovered in places full of history and natural landscapes which make it a very special and unique place.

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7 Special moments of this 2015 summer season in Ibiza


During the last months of heat, Ibiza has not stopped for a second. The summer has been sensational and we had a great time visiting beautiful beaches, enjoying unique dishes at fantastic restaurants and of course, watching the best land and seascapes of the north of Ibiza.

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Fancy shopping in Ibiza?


Ibiza is a destination that attracts all kinds of people from all around the world and it is no wonder that this cosmopolitan nature is also reflected in the various businesses, shops and services here. Over the years, many cosmopolitan shops have settled on the island with a strong identity and unique products impossible to find elsewhere.

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