A Walk Through The North Of Ibiza


The north of the island is known for being one of the quietest areas in Ibiza, the place where you can still find the ‘real Ibiza’, the one that still maintains its customs, offers pine green landscapes dotted with traditional white houses and with the less crowded beach coves of the coast. Knowing that there are still places like this, it is well worth visiting and enjoying a different experience to what one would expected from Ibiza. A day to take life easy, sip by sip.

Portinatx And Its Surroundings


When looking for an ideal beach you’ll see that the island has so many options that you could practically visit a different one every time. Every corner of the coast has its charm that makes it special: rocky beaches, fisherman huts, fine sand, calm waters, interesting seabeds… Do you also want to find that special place that will make you feel like in paradise? Well, here is one of the most impressive beaches of the island, a paradise in the north where you will have all the necessary services to enjoy your beach day to the max in a comfortable way.

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12 best moments of Ibiza on Instagram


Your smartphone has become the best travel friend to immortalize the incredible places of Ibiza. We show you ten of our best moments on Instagram.

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7 Special moments of this 2015 summer season in Ibiza


During the last months of heat, Ibiza has not stopped for a second. The summer has been sensational and we had a great time visiting beautiful beaches, enjoying unique dishes at fantastic restaurants and of course, watching the best land and seascapes of the north of Ibiza.

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6 unforgettable sunsets in Ibiza


Divinity.es photo

One of the great advantages of living on an island is that the sea horizon will always accompany you as the best background for saying goodbye to the sun every evening.

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5 ideas for enjoying Port de Sant Miquel


This is one of the few tourist resorts in the north of Ibiza and which has all kinds of amenities and services to meet the needs of visitors. And here is locates one of the most attractive beaches on the north coast: Port de Sant Miquel.

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Guide of 5 places to relax in Ibiza


When summer comes to Ibiza it is very common the arrival of many of tourists seeking sunshine, beach and fiesta and only a few go on to discover the other side of the island where the quiet and peacefulness reigns. Read more

12 ‘Top’ places of Agroturismo Can Planells, in Ibiza


On the Can Planells hotel website we have a section, ‘Interesting Places‘, which is a small guide where we highlight the most authentic, entertaining and tasty spots in Ibiza. Our favorite places, beaches, restaurants, shops… Here’s a mini guide of the 12 most shared and liked places by visitors.

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Visit Es Portixol beach, an incredible cove in the north of Ibiza


The small cove of Es Portitxol is one of the most hidden beaches in the island of Ibiza. To reach it you have to walk for about 30 minutes through a lovely path that goes along the coast, letting you enjoy the beautiful views of the area.

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The north of Ibiza. What you need to discover?


Dream beach coves, turquoise waters, pristine landscapes and mountains covered with pine and juniper trees. All this and much more is what you’ll find in the north of Ibiza, the least exploited area of the island, where you can enjoy less crowded beaches, typical whitewashed-style villages and the authentic essence of Ibiza.

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The 7 most photographed places in Ibiza


Ibiza is a very photogenic island, with many places to photograph. It’s common that tourists keep taking out their phones or cameras, either to capture the landscapes, a sunset or its traditional architecture. Here we show you the seven most photographed places in Ibiza.

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6 things you should do when preparing your holidays in Ibiza


As you all know, from Can Planells rural tourism hotel blog, every week we try to bring you interesting topics for helping you enjoy much more your stay on the island of Ibiza. So today we want to give you some interesting tips before your trip. 6 things you should do when preparing your holidays in Ibiza.

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Discover Ibiza in just one post


Today, from Hotel Can Planells blog we give you a summary of our last 10 posts. As you already know, always appealing and tempting ideas so you can fully enjoy the island of Ibiza. And today, 10 very interesting ideas in one single post.

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Wines and wineries of Ibiza


Ibiza is a very important wine tradition place, thanks to the strong influence throughout the history of Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. The small farm-fields so characteristic in the island of Ibiza, managed to keep wine production as well as self production for the household. Tradition passed down from father to son until the present day.

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Fishermen’s huts, charming seaside spots


Who of those lucky enough to tour the beaches of Ibiza have not stopped to admire those authentic and traditional fishermen’s huts  that can be observed in most of Ibiza’s coves and beaches? They are beautiful, aren’t they? Find out a little bit more about them…

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