The 10 Most Instagrammed Places in the North of Ibiza


In honor of the famous phrase “A picture says a thousand words”, we have made our selection on the basis of the photos you took this summer at the top spots in the north of the island and then posted on Instagram. In the end, no matter how much we talk about how beautiful Ibiza is, there’s nothing like seeing it with your own eyes…

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Looking back on good times and top spots from the summer of 2017


As the season winds down, we realize that the island has once again given us a summer to remember – luminous days and glowing nights, unforgettable walks and magical sunsets… For all of these treasures, we would like to express our gratitude. This year, Agrotourism Planells has offered valuable tips on the best places to visit, activities to pursue, restaurants to eat at and beaches to swim at. In retrospect, we decided they were such good suggestions that we would roll them all into one post, as a small souvenir of the summer of 2017, in appreciation of your loyalty.

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More reasons to visit Ibiza: Santa Eulalia village


Santa Eulàlia des Riu is one of the most visited municipalities of the island as it has many interesting places to visit and, of course, here you’ll find the cozy coastal town of Santa Eulàlia, the main town of the north of the island.

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The Genuine Market of Sant Joan de Labritja


In the pretty village of Sant Joan de Labritja, located in the north of Ibiza, peace and tranquility are king. A village of white houses, a few establishments and an 18th century church with a peculiar belfry.

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5 ‘Musts’ in the North of Ibiza


Here are 5 places, ideas and proposals that you simply can’t miss in the north of the island of Ibiza this summer. Lovely corners, beaches and restaurants for discovering the real Ibiza and enjoy your holidays to the max.

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Seven travel tips for enjoying Ibiza


In a small suitcase, we have put together seven tips of all kinds that may be useful on your visit to Ibiza.

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Tours And Activities In The North Of Ibiza


There are parts of Ibiza that deserve to be discovered in a different way. It’s not enough to simply visit them, you actually have to live them.

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Moments To Remember The North Of Ibiza


The summer season has already come to an end. We have made new friends, visited charming places, swam in crystal clear water beaches, enjoyed the cuisine of Ibiza and contemplated the best land and seascapes of the island.

A Walk Through The North Of Ibiza


The north of the island is known for being one of the quietest areas in Ibiza, the place where you can still find the ‘real Ibiza’, the one that still maintains its customs, offers pine green landscapes dotted with traditional white houses and with the less crowded beach coves of the coast. Knowing that there are still places like this, it is well worth visiting and enjoying a different experience to what one would expected from Ibiza. A day to take life easy, sip by sip.

A Day at Ses Salines Beach – Ibiza


Going around the island it is easy to see fascinating landscapes, such as almond grove fields, hidden coves, lookout spots… but if there is place that stands out above others that one is Ses Salines.

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Sant Joan de Labritja, a Must See Place in Ibiza


We will explore the northern part of the island through the main towns and villages of the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja, the least populated area of the island with barely 5,600 inhabitants. Peace and tranquility are more than guaranteed here, with tiny villages hidden between the countryside and the forest away from the bustle of mainstream tourism. For those seeking a peaceful atmosphere will definitely adore this municipality. A great place to discover the tradition of the island, which is still promoted in municipalities like this one.

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Enjoying a day in the north of Ibiza


Northern Ibiza is one of the most pristine areas of the island. It is a pleasure for the senses enjoying the rich land and seascape that only the north of the island can offer.

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4 Great experiences for enjoying autumn in Ibiza


Fall is coming and many people think that the island of Ibiza is less interesting these months. Nothing is further from the truth. There are countless activities you can do in Ibiza this time of the year, which usually still has very good weather.

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The north of Ibiza. What you need to discover?


Dream beach coves, turquoise waters, pristine landscapes and mountains covered with pine and juniper trees. All this and much more is what you’ll find in the north of Ibiza, the least exploited area of the island, where you can enjoy less crowded beaches, typical whitewashed-style villages and the authentic essence of Ibiza.

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The Pantry of Can Planells


Located in north of the island, very close to Sant Miquel, Can Planells is a beautiful rural hotel which was once a farm house. A haven of peace surrounded by orange and lemon trees where you can enjoy the rural side of Ibiza.

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