“Bullit de Peix”: A Dish That Epitomizes Ibiza


Bullit de Peix is one of the most representative fish dishes in our gastronomy. It is a modern version of Guisat de Peix, a traditional dish that fishermen used to make on their boats while they were out at sea

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Four Gourmet Dishes to Enjoy in Ibiza


As soon as you set foot on Ibiza you see that the island’s delights are myriad, ranging from its beautiful coastline to its charming country villages and extending into its dynamic nightlife. Just one glance tells you that Ibiza holds everything you need to have a magnificent holiday experience. And, yet, there are certain things, such as its gastronomy, which are not so easy to detect. Ibiza’s traditional cuisine is based on seafood dishes and are a definite must-try, but there are also restaurants with their own style and personality which offer an honest cuisine that sets them apart.

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Ibiza restaurants with history. Part II


As we already know, the dishes prepared with care and with a reminiscence of the essence of Ibiza are always liked by everyone, today we want to continue showing you the most traditional and iconic restaurants of Ibiza.

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5 dishes to savour northern Ibiza


It would be a sin to come to Ibiza and not try any of its local dishes which you can find in most of the iconic restaurants on the island. That’s why today we want to show you 5 places in the north of the island where you can enjoy 5 unique recipes prepared in the authentic Ibiza style. Not to mention that one of the best ways to explore the island is by trying its cuisine, one of the cultural values most appreciated by islanders and visitors alike. Bon apetit!

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Ibiza restaurants with history. Part I


When dinnertime arrives in Ibiza you will find hundreds of restaurants of very different styles so you never get tired of going out to enjoy the cuisine of the island. But it can happen that if you don’t know the island very well, you might not be sure which restaurant to choose for trying the authentic Ibizan cuisine.

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5 healthy restaurants in Ibiza


Something very trendy now on the streets of Ibiza is the pop up of many restaurants specializing in organic cuisine, using natural and ecological products brought straight from the farm. Read more

Gastro Jornadas in the north of Ibiza


From April 20th to May 3rd the island of Ibiza is celebrating the second edition of the GastroJornadas, a special event where the restaurants of the island will offer the best of its cuisine, especially local dishes.

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12 ‘Top’ places of Agroturismo Can Planells, in Ibiza


On the Can Planells hotel website we have a section, ‘Interesting Places‘, which is a small guide where we highlight the most authentic, entertaining and tasty spots in Ibiza. Our favorite places, beaches, restaurants, shops… Here’s a mini guide of the 12 most shared and liked places by visitors.

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Check Out: Our “Hot List” of restaurants on the road to Sant Miquel de Balansat


On the way to Sant Miquel de Balansat you’ll find many interesting restaurants where you can enjoy all types of cuisine, from typical Ibizan food to more varied and international dishes. Now let’s show you some of the best ones.

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Summer in Ibiza, sangria time!


Summer is getting closer and there is no better summertime drink than a cool sangría. Very typical in our gastronomy it has become a very trendy beverage during the summertime in Ibiza. Made from wine, fruit slices and different liquors, its different combinations are very varied. In Ibiza you can find all kinds of sangrias, from the traditional red wine sangria, to sangrias made with cava, champagne, rosé cava, white wine, etc…

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Wines and wineries of Ibiza


Ibiza is a very important wine tradition place, thanks to the strong influence throughout the history of Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. The small farm-fields so characteristic in the island of Ibiza, managed to keep wine production as well as self production for the household. Tradition passed down from father to son until the present day.

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10 things in the north of Ibiza you can’t miss!!


Today from our blog we show you the 10 places you can’t miss in the north part of the island of Ibiza. The best spots to discover the real Ibiza.

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Restaurant Ideas for a Wonderful Dinner


Once again from our blog we’d like to bring you a few of our best gastronomical recommendations. So far, most of the restaurants we have profiled have been located on the island’s beaches, where the featured cuisine is traditional and sea-based. They have  also been places which tend to fit into a daytime agenda of beachgoing and sightseeing.

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Two restaurants with authentic Ibiza cuisine



Ibiza5Sentidos.es photo

Traditional Ibiza gastronomy, in the past years is positioning where it should be, every day a little bit closer to the top. It is simply magnificent and with a very wide range of suggestions and varied dishes. Always using great quality and local products appreciated more and more by island residents and visitors. From the sea and land.

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Wines and wineries of Ibiza


Ibiza is a very important wine tradition place, thanks to the strong influence throughout the history of Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. Read more

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