Cala de Benirrás is located in front of the setting sun, about 7.5 km from Sant Miquel de Balansat, between the tips of Cova de s’Orenga and punta Blana on the northern coast of Ibiza. It is a beautiful journey by car, through hills and valleys, until you reach the beach, which is accessed from the road to Sant Joan de Labritja, or from Port de Sant Miquel.

Benirràs is a small sandy cove formed by a bay that is nestled in a beautiful and peaceful place. The area is dominated by the presence of a unique island known as Cap Bernat, which has given rise to many fables and myths. This deep sea inlet and the unspoiled land are surrounded by cliffs that are covered in a blanket of pine trees and lush vegetation.

The beach has golden sand, with gentle slopes and clear waters. It is the perfect place for snorkelling, because of its incredible seabed. It is also known by local fishermen as “port de Benirràs”, as it is a natural shelter where they can protect their vessels from severe storms.

In summer, Cala Benirràs is a popular point for mooring boats and yachts, frequented by all kinds of people who want to admire the sunset from the sand, a unique moment that presents a magnificent light show and you can see the different shades of colour that the sky and sea take on. On Sunday afternoons, the sun is accompanied by the vibrant and improvised sound of drums that many percussionists beat out, a true bohemian atmosphere. Next to a picturesque beach bar, hippy artisans set up stalls where they sell all kinds of pieces and products that they make, such as bracelets, necklaces, leather goods, among others.

On the walk to beach, there are two restaurants, the Roca y Mar, and Restaurante 2000, which serve tasty seafood based on rice dishes, fresh fish and seafood taken straight from the sea, fished daily by local fishermen. It is a relaxing seaside place.