They have arrived…the Ibizan almonds that rejuvenate life and give us an explosion of colour that permeates every corner of our beloved island.

It is true that whenever we think of Ibiza, its fabulous blue water coves, fine sand, and the sun’s heat come to mind. However today I want to focus on an exceptional event, which has nothing to do with the beaches, the summer, or anything of the kind. And it is really, well worth contemplating: the fields full of almond blossom in Ibiza, which are mostly white, although some are pink.

This fabulous event begins depending on the temperatures, but it usually begins in late January and lasts for about five weeks. During the month of February, it seems that nature is reborn in Ibiza, with the explosion of the almond colour, and the blanket of white as it flowers. It is a sight to be seen up close. Thousands of almond trees all over the island warn us in unison that winter is about to end and that spring, life, is coming. And what a beautiful way to let us know! Nature always finds ways of surprising us.

There are places where the concentration of almond is greater, and this natural wonder is really special in those places. Places like the valley known as the “Plà de Corona” in Santa Agnés, and also fields of the Sant Joan de Labritja and Sant Miquel area. We encourage every visitor to walk among these fields when they are in bloom. It is a walk that everyone will enjoy. This free show that nature offers us is a must for travellers visiting the island during the winter months.

The municipality of Sant Joan, the greenest and most protected area on the island, is the perfect place to see the unique sight of the blossoming almond trees. While you are here, youcan also explore the many unspoiled places, see the wildlife, experience the culture and even meet the locals. It is a place that invites relaxation and harmony, where unique attractions are on display in every season. Like the almond blossom in winter.

There are many walking and cycling trails open to visitors, which allow for the passenger’s submersion in nature. If you really want to understand and go deep inside the environmental and cultural wealth of Sant Joan de Labritja, you can visit the Es Amunts Interpretation Centre.

The Almond blossom. A wonderful gift from nature.